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What is in it for you?

That’s an important question. What do you get out of me being your Mayor? Why should you support me? Why should you vote for me?

Encouragement – I want to be the biggest advocate for great ideas that come from the community. It’s your home, it’s your community, and you have ideas to put forth for how you want to see the future of Cripple Creek. I will facilitate and encourage more and more ways for you to be able to do that so the best ideas come forth and you don’t just feel “buy-in” about those ideas, you came up with them! Collaboration and more open dialogue is how we do that. You’ll get someone who will proactively engage you and support solutions-oriented conversations that we can all rally behind.


Vision – I believe the potential for Cripple Creek is as limitless as we want it to be. A new friend of mine gave me the perfect quote recently, “When the song and dance is over, how do we know if we’ve gone too far?” What makes it so special here and how do we grow while still keeping that sentiment we all connect with intact?

Here are some of the key things we need:

-Better housing options for the people who work and live here

-A greater variety of economic opportunities

-More wholesome and family oriented things to do

-Better resources for the families who live and work here

-To know what is going on with our streets and what we can expect

-To have a sustainable tourist economy that makes sense for both the residents and the types of people we want to attract here.

What we need even more is to have clear conversations about what all that means and create a vivid vision of what that looks like. When we know who we are as a community with crystal clarity and we know where we are headed, our ability to meet our collective needs becomes a clear path.

I will lead us toward thinking forward rather than only ever reacting to immediate problems. We can’t have stagnant and status quo local government anymore. It’s time to take the reigns together and actively co-create our future.


Access and Availability – I will respond to your messages. I will carve out time where possible to hear your concerns. You are always welcome to come to council meetings but there are times where other formats where better ideas come to the table -I will call for those meetings when it makes sense. I will hold office hours and let you know when those are. I will let you know when I’m having breakfast from time to time and invite you to join me.

I am only human and there are only so many hours in the day, but I will give 150% to making sure you know I am deeply invested in serving you.


A Watchful Eye –  Do you have time to read all of the legislation that is going through the State Capitol this year? It’s hard enough keeping up with the main issues that become primary talking points on the evening news or that end up front page in the papers. I am a bit of a nerd for the legislative process and I’ll do the leg work for you keeping up to date. We have a team of excellent folks who keep a watchful eye and I will stand along side them when necessary to speak out for Cripple Creek.

I truly have an interest in the process and how things outside of Cripple Creek impact our community. I’ll keep a keen eye on the things that you don’t have time for or that you might find pretty darned monotonous. I’ve got your back and I will work with the City Council to make sure you know a whole team has your back.


I Care – The thing is, most people who run for local political office care on some level. I care enough to make sacrifices so that our future is one of the three top things that I do. My family is first, making sure I keep energetic and healthy second, and my service to this community is right after those two absolutely important things.

What is most important to me in asking for this job is that I help make Cripple Creek a better place. What exactly that looks like is up to you and I both need and want your help in painting that picture.

Sit with me, ask me questions, spend time with me. You’ll know how much I care because it’s real. When I talk with others about what is possible everything that I am lights up. I see a better future and I see it clearly. I want to share that with you and I want to inspire you to feel the same kind of excitement about what you care about the most.


The History You Love Looked After – Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I don’t love the history of this City! On the contrary, I am passionate about our history and keeping the foundation of our community alive and well. Guess what though? We have to have the economic resources to keep our buildings and stories vibrant.

As our recently formed steering committee put it best: Where the past meets the future.

Let’s talk about how we keep the stories of our gold camp alive, build pride and respect for our history, and also allow for opportunities to flourish for those who live, work, and play here.