Now is the time for action and building momentum. The future doesn’t wait for us to hope things work out alright, we have to direct the sails and make sure our ship is headed where we want it to on purpose. We have to work together to actively decide our future direction and set that course.

If you vote to elect me in November, here’s what you can expect from my first year serving as your Mayor:



We will have at least one retreat meeting where Council discusses why they ran for the position and what they hope to get out of the term they serve. We will clarify the vision we each hope to bring to the table and what goals we anticipate are most important. We will define the areas where we have the strongest commonality and draw from those places of agreement. I will ask council members to commit to bringing our collective passion and enthusiasm for Cripple Creek front and center.

Each of us love our home even in the heat of disagreement and that truth is our common ground.



We MUST reach for more inclusion. It’s time we get out of our silos and share our exciting ideas for the future of this incredible community. I heard a recent quote from Cormac Russell, “Silos are where smart people go to do dumb things. Communities is where ordinary people go to do amazing things.” The truth in that statement right there rings deep truth.  The more passionate and inspired minds who contribute, the better the outcomes and when we engage people from all walks of life, backgrounds, experiences, ages, perspectives we are able to collaboratively pull together the best solutions.

If I am your Mayor, we WILL engage.

-Town Hall Meetings

-Different Methods for Reaching out:

         -White board in public with questions and open forum participation

         -Surveys if necessary

         -Mailings if necessary

         -Internet forums (It is almost 2020, folks!)




It is time we get our priorities straight and crystal clear.

-We will work with staff and engage community feedback to set our priorities for the next three to five years. Whatever it takes to get it right and make sure it isn’t coming just from City Council’s five minds, it isn’t just coming from staff —it’s a whole community process.



-We will set both ambitious goals and attainable annual goals with timelines.

-Set dates for check-ins with staff and community to see where we are through the process of goal achievement and make adjustments along the way when needed.

-Accountability will be clear.

-Clarify metrics: What actually defines success for each goal? When we have a clear picture of what success looks like, we have a greater chance of actually getting there.



-Monthly newsletters to the community straight from City Hall

-Regular informational updates to our website


Communication also means staying on top of our most important goals and priorities. As your Mayor, I will take a high degree of responsibility for staying on top of those priorities and hold myself accountable to you, the community, in that process.

I will be a quick to respond, approachable, and available Mayor. There is no “my way or the highway” crap here. We are co-creating the future of our community and we will come to the best conclusions and approaches when we collaborate as a community.



What this means is that while council or the city is working on achieving the clear goals and outcomes we set forth, we will keep transparent processes front and center. You deserve to know how we came to a conclusion, what factors lead to a decision, and you deserve to have input in the big picture. For efficiency and efficacy, the staff will need to conduct daily operations in a business as usual approach -we have an amazing team with high skills and talent who know how to effectively make it all happen. That said, when council makes decisions, those discussions need to happen on the council floor publicly. How we deliberate and arrive at our conclusions should unfold in front of you.



Council needs to have a clear policy guideline for how we conduct ourselves, how the governmental process is intended to work, and accountability measures. That policy is already a document I am working on stemming from a solid foundation provided to us from other communities who have achieved success through this policy implementation.

For most voters and community members, it’s basically the boring stuff but it’s the necessary organizational mechanisms for moving forward with clarity, accountability, and effective procedures for conducting business. A good leader takes responsibility for the vision and direction and that must come from a unified council voice representing the whole community from the big picture view.

I am already doing this work and will move that forward.


Summary: From the above outlined basic approaches, a strong foundation for clear and forward momentum will be established. As your Mayor, I will not be “married” to my idea of how things need to be. It isn’t “MY” community, it’s OUR community and collaboration with residents, stakeholders, and neighboring communities where it is most applicable needs to be taken into account when making big picture decisions. We must prioritize and make those priorities clear.

Now is the time to dust off that 2009 Master Plan and see what is still relevant, what isn’t, and not let these next plans sit on a shelf for a decade. Now is the time to build momentum and then keep it going.

It’s time that we are as proactive as possible rather than reactive. It’s time that we create an atmosphere where feedback and constructive communication is celebrated.

It is time that we make pride in our community, pride in Cripple Creek loud and proud!