I’ve heard some of the criticism about me and I want to take some of that on directly. I can understand and empathize with some of the critique coming my way but where you see concerns or challenges, I see opportunities and assets.

YOUNG  =  Endless Energy

OUTSPOKEN  =  Passion and Ambition 

WOMAN  = A Strong Sense of Compassion (and since when was it a crime to be a woman anyway???) 

WANTS CHANGE  =  I want a better life for those of us who live, work, and play here 

INEXPERIENCE  = Open to hearing you out and not “set in my ways”… and also, I have two years of staff experience in our municipality, two years on City Council, and have been studying government on my own time for well over a decade.

CHALLENGING  I ask questions because that is how improvement happens. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, sure, but also don’t pretend something is all good when water’s leaking out! 

Yes, I have been outspoken and I have challenged “the way things have always been done.” Once upon a time, we lived in a world where there was no country supporting the freedom to choose your own faith or have a say in the leadership impacting your life. Then the American Revolution happened. Once upon a time, women were objects and could not vote and then the Women’s Sufferage Movement happened. Our country is founded on the principal that we should everlastingly strive to become “a more perfect union.” This means challenging things that don’t work, asking questions, and having difficult conversations. It means there is always room for improvement.