Ethan and I

Born at the beginning of what is often referred to as the “millennial” generation, I aspire to leverage the strengths youth has provided me and dispel the myths often applied to my generation. Despite the common assumption that millennials lack work ethic and are selfish, I strive to work hard at accomplishing goals for the greater good, find ways to ask better questions, and engage more of the community in the decision-making process. The best ideas come from many people from all walks of life contributing toward great conversations. I seek to create more ways to bring those individuals to the table and the job I am seeking is the one where I facilitate and synthesize those conversations into sustainable action. 

What my youth affords me is endless energy, hopeful ambition, and eager passion. It also means that I have to turn to a long network of those with broader and longer experience to make the best decisions possible. There is great wisdom from those with experience and I take the wisdom imparted to me seriously. I am blessed to have such a tremendous network of individuals -a remarkable brain trust if you will- and I hope that if you are reading this, you’ll reach out to join the leagues of incredible people who will help me bring together the best ideas and best solutions for Cripple Creek. Not a single one of us can do anything big or important alone. We are better together and I strongly hold the value that many lines of input are far greater than just one or two opinions. The best decisions are made from a wealth of information rather than one person’s “okay” idea. I believe in collaborative effort and that it is not a leader’s job to have “the idea” or take credit for the idea nor the outcome. It is a leader’s job to pull together the brain trust to arrive at the best possible result and further, the leader must take the responsibility when something has failed and likewise, give away all the credit when success is had. A leader inspires others to do the work they are called to do.

As an elected official and after my time of service, I plan to do work to influence and change the way organizations and businesses create environments. Compassionate and thoughtful leadership is my passion and I believe that when people are in a healthy work environment where they feel cared for, safe, and that their contributions matter, they go home happy and fulfilled. When stress is less common, people treat their spouses/partners better, their children better, and all those around them better. When we are in good environments, we collaborate better, we achieve greater heights, and our ability to identify challenges and resolve them greatly improves. If we want to solve a lot of our critical issues not just in Cripple Creek but indeed, our nation, this is where we must start. The teachers who teach our children experience  increasing workplace stress, our civic servants experience stress -stress and anxiety surround us and the impact on us both biochemically and psychologically is damaging. We have to change it and this starts at home. This is the work I was put on earth to do and this is the work that will make our home a better place. 

Elected to City Council in November of 2017, I have accomplished the first year objectives I intended. Feet have been held to the fire, transparency has been improved, and momentum is picking up more and more. It is my intent to forward that momentum and open up greater channels of communication so that we, as a city, can be at the helm of our own ship in that moving forward. 

The majority of my time is spent expanding my understanding of the legislative process, business, and economics as well as thinking about how any information I receive might be applied toward making Cripple Creek a more thriving community. I believe that there is always room for personal improvement and I relentlessly study leadership approaches with the aim to offer others my best. Also of great importance to me is how organizations best function and serve the “customer” or in the case of the government, the people of the community. When I am not devoting my mind to self-motivated studies to improve my role, I do have a few “normal” things I enjoy… 

Painting and drawing with my son, knitting, paper crafting, hiking, archery, working on my home (the only Edwardian Vernacular home on the National Registry in Cripple Creek for my fellow history enthusiasts!), chopping firewood, drinking probably too much coffee, and laughing with good friends and family. An installation artist at heart, I’m slowly turning the inside of my home into a combination of nods to the 1910s and a contemporary paper garden. My favorite evenings involve being curled up in a mess of blankets either reading a book or watching a good movie with my snowshoe siamese cat and my family. 

Honestly though, I really do love doing all I can to contribute toward making this place a better place through the call to public service. I really do love the legislative process and have even been called a nerd for it -I take pride in that assertion. It’s a passion I connect with and hope to expand upon for many years to come!