And so it begins…

Thank you to all those who helped me get on the ballot! This week, I was the first person to pull papers, the first to turn them in, and I am the first female to run for Mayor in the City of Cripple Creek. I’m hoping for one more first this November if you’ll have me… The first female Mayor of Cripple Creek!

Over the past several days, I received a lot of feedback from many community members about where your focus is. You want better roads, you don’t want to see your local government focus on small petty things that make you feel treaded on, and overwhelmingly, you want things for families and children to do here.

I hear you loud and clear. We need to set priorities instead of wasting time on the weeds -literally. We need to communicate to you our plans for improving the roads and infrastructure so you know what to expect. And we MUST talk about how we make this a better place for families. Period.

If you support me as your Mayor, I am not going to forget these concerns and focuses. We will bring these and more that you all have front and center. We will prioritize our focus to reflect your needs and keep you in the loop. That’s not just lip service. That is my commitment.

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