Petitions Circulate Tomorrow

vote stickers .jpg


Tomorrow begins the circulation of petitions to get those of us who want to run on the ballot. I will be hitting the streets and asking for your support so that I can lead us in a positive and proactive direction that we all can feel good about.

If you would like to sign that petition or know someone who would within the municipal bounds of the City of Cripple Creek, please feel free to call or text 303-562-6770. I can come to you or there will be several opportunities to come to me tomorrow and Wednesday.

Tomorrow morning around 8:30 AM, after I pull my papers, I will be at the Home Cafe in Bronco Billy’s having breakfast. Feel free to come join me. I’ll be there until about 9:30 AM.

I will be supporting our local Police Officers and Dispatch at National Night Out in the evening though I will not be accepting signatures out of respect until after the event which ends at 7:30 PM.

**Change to Wednesday morning breakfast: in lieu of a long but fruitful day on Tuesday, I will be skipping breakfast on Wednesday and catching up on some chores. To all who showed support in the first day of petition circulation, thank you!!

Join us Wednesday evening at 5:30 PM in City Council Chambers for our regular City Council Meeting. Of course, I won’t be taking any signatures there because, well, if you didn’t know it, we can’t be “politickin'” when we need to focus on conducting city business. It’s a pretty good rule. That said, I’ll be up for hanging out upon request after.

Reach out, let’s hang out, and let’s move Cripple Creek forward in a way that makes sense!

Thank you in advance for all those who support me. I couldn’t do any of this without you and I appreciate you more than words can express. You are an incredible blessing and the light that fuels the best of me forward.

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